— Hades, Olympus Overdrive by Milky and Jojo

“Strange days. In Rosenkreuz we were alone, yet these days you have family, *I* have family…. Though if one of Farfarello’s family members shows up, I’m running for the hills.”

“One of Farfarello’s? I’d join you.”

— Schuldig and Brad Crawaford, ‘Glass Houses’ by Viridian5 (LiveJournal)

Brad actually *shuddered*. He might be a coldblooded man who killed people for pleasure and money, but it still freaked him out to think of his parents having sex, which was kind of cute.

— Brad Crawford, Evelyn Crawford, and Tom Crawford, ‘Glass Houses’ by Viridian5 (LiveJournal)

They had fangs. They were biting people. They had this look in their eyes, totally cold, animal. I think they were Young Republicans.

— Andy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Don’t ship Ichabbie? Not racist. Don’t ship Destiel? Not homophobic. Don’t ship Delicity? Not ageist. Don’t ship Fedex? Fuck off and die.

— TheOrlandoJones (Twitter)

And wouldn’t “The Odyssey” be much better if, maybe around book 23, Odysseus locked eyes with Spock?

— 'An Unforbidden Love' by Beth Marlowe (Washington Post)

What’s this? What’s this? There’s décor everywhere. What’s this? There’s carols in the air. What’s this? I can’t believe my eyes it’s just November come on folks I mean I swear. What’s this?

— bluedragonkaiser (Tumblr)

"I don’t know why I have to wear this," Altaf whined to his mother, Leyla, and Dasaf as they walked in the procession to the temple. Altaf was dressed in his finest caftan and robes, heavily stitched with gold embroidery. It was a fine thing to look at, but not so much to wear. "It’s itchy."

"You are going to the temple. You must dress nicely for God," Malika replied.

"I don’t see why. God sees me piss. What does he care about my clothes?"

— Altaf, Malika, Leyla, and Dasaf, ‘Scorpion Sands’ by Wanda Walker (FictionPress)

No use crying over spilled milk… violence, however, solves everything.

— juliansmith87, (YouTube)

EB: i can read the screen from here, idiot. we’re on the same sofa.
TG: ok smartass how about from this angle
TG: hope you like a chestful of hot laptop
EB: heh, well NOW i can’t.
TG: ok good
TG: now you shush
TG: better take this off before i render you infertile or something
TG: a million egbert sperm crying out as they wither and die under wifi radiation rays or something
TG: idk is that how radiation works
EB: i dunno, but i am pretty damn sure that’s not how chests work. or sperm. or wifi.

— ectoBiologist and turntechGodhead, ‘The Finer Details of Gay Cluckbeast’ by clumsyoctopus (Archive of Our Own)

TG: alright alright so whatever im kinda bored
TT: I see. Is Father failing to amuse you? Have his old tricks finally gone stale?
TG: they went staler than the cakemix at the back of egberts cupboard years ago lalonde
TG: and stop calling him that ffs its disturbing
TT: Would you prefer I called him “Daddy”.
TG: no
TG: dont ever do that
TG: i will literally cut off all ties with both of you if you resort to that in your endless game of parental one-upmanship

— tentacleTherapist and turntechGodhead, ‘The Finer Details of Gay Cluckbeast’ by clumsyoctopus (Archive of Our Own)

Flash step, quick draw. Strider Bros: ninja cowboys of the wild, wild west.

— Dirk Strider and Dave Strider, ‘Silence is Golden’ by wittyy_name (Archive of Our Own)

Tsun: “I know what you’re up to.”

That’s pretty freaking impressive, cause even I don’t know what I’m up to.

— Tsun and Mizu Oyogu, Swimming Anime Dating Sim: VERY BETA by ~fifthdimensional (deviantART)

Haha! That homework wasn’t so hard after I started applying to things in my real life. (Acute angles are shaped like socially acceptable pizza slices, while obtuse angles are shaped like real-person pizza slices.)

— Mizu Oyogu, ‘Swimming Anime Dating Sim: VERY BETA’ by ~fifthdimensional (deviantART)

Still, even if all these theories are hilariously stupid, that doesn’t change the fact that this guy’s death is pretty suspicious.
If I cared more, I might even look into it.
But caring is hardddddddd.

— Mizu Oyogu and Casma ‘Megane’ Kannati, ‘Swimming Anime Dating Sim: VERY BETA’ by ~fifthdimensional (deviantART)