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6 Writers Who Accidentally Crapped Out Masterpieces by Shaun Grey
So what does it feel like to write something that will inspire audiences for generations? Apparently it feels like another day at the office, as it turns out some of the greatest works of all time weren’t intended to be classics… and often were just dashed off for the hell of it.


Angel by James Patterson
[Science Fiction] Maximum Ride
Heartbroken after her best friend and soull mate, Fang, leaves her flock, Maximum Ride begins to believe the evil scientists trying to convince her she needs to save the world, and that Dylan, the newest member of her flock, is her perfect mate.

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
[Supernatural] The Mortal Instruments
As mysterious murders threaten the new peace between Shadowhunters and Downworlders only Simon, the Daylighter vampire, can help bring both groups together.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
[Science Fiction] Hitchhiker’s Trilogy
One Thursday lunchtime Earth is unexpectedly demolished to make way for a new hyperspace bypass. For Arthur Dent, who has only just had his house demolished that morning, this is already more than he can cope with. Sadly, however, the weekend has only just begun. And the Galaxy is a very, very large and startling place indeed …THE HITCH HIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY became a massive cult success when it was first published and continues to sell all over the world. It introduced such memorable characters as Arthur Dent, Marvin the Paranoid Android, Zaphod Beeblebrox and, of course, the Vogons, and remains one of the funniest, most irreverent and entertaining novels ever.


Hanging by a Moment by Unwritten.25 on FanFiction.Net
T; [Harry Potter/Naruto] Serverus/Naruto, Draco/Harry, metions of Neville/Luna, Blaise/Hermione, and Ron/Lavender
When Naruto ends up at Hogwarts due to a freak accident, he attaches himself to the most unapproachable person there. But that’s Naruto for you.

Nerds of the Earth, take note! by Betty and Emeraldwoman on Archive of Our Own
G; [Leverage/Iron Man (Movieverse)] Gen


A Lust to Bend the Nine by xXKanpekiXx on FanFiction.Net
M; [Avengers] Frostiron smut, pure grade LEMON.
Tony sees double, in a manner of speaking.

Always Yours by Kamerreon
N/A; [Harry Potter] Harry & Draco
Harry belongs to me. No one has the right to touch him, speak with him, or be in his presence. Now all I have to do is convince him of that. It won’t be aproblem though, because Malfoys ALWAYS get what they want. And I want Potter.

Anything but Normal by Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet on FanFiction.Net
T; [Fullmetal Alchemist] Gen
Fifteen years after the Promised Day, Selim Baker leads a life like any normal human. Unfortunately, he’s about to find out that he’s anything but normal.

Bad Grace by Quantum Witch on FanFiction.Net
T; [Good Omens] Anthony J. Crowley/Aziraphale
"Good Omens" sequel - In which there is a stolen book of prophecies, a plot to bring about the Second Coming of Christ and thus truly end the world, an Antichrist heading into puberty, a demon and angel facing complicated emotional entanglement, and Horsepersons and Sins and Disciples, oh my!

Banding Together by CallaLilyLily on FanFiction.Net
T; [The Mortal Instruments] Magnus Bane/Alexander Lightwood
AU: Marching band bring people together. Magnus and Alec begin to grow together as the season progresses but will the pressure of a state year, other SLT, school, family and friends push the two to their limits?

Bite Me by h.lovely on FanFiction.Net
T; [Gundam Wing] 1x2, 3x4
"I’m sorry. Could you repeat that? You’re a…what now?" "A vampire." "Uh-huh. That’s what I thought you said…" -Duo enters a world of vampires, shape-shifters, and the thrill of bloody romance

Dear Romano / Dear Feliciano by pyrriccomedy on LiveJournal
PG; [Axis Powers Hetalia] Ensemble, featuring the Italys.
The Italys write an advice column for the crossed-in-love other nations.

Glass Houses by Viridian5 on LiveJournal
NC-17; [Weiß Kreuz] Farfarello/Fujimiya Aya (Ran), Brad Crawford/Schuldig, too many others to list
After Aya’s sister dies, Schwarz tries to save themselves and Aya from the mistakes of the Dramatic CDs and Glühen Schwarz tries to save him from himself-­-for their own reasons, of course-­-and neither they nor Weiß are ever the same again.

Online! by Juura99 on FanFiction.Net
T; [Naruto] SasuNaru
Naruto is hooked on an MMORPG game. He has tons of friends there and spends almost all his free time playing. However, he’s never met a single friend in person. He doesn’t mind, but then one of them wants to meet him in person. What should he do?

Paradise Thwarted by Moczo on FanFiction.Net
T; [Good Omens] Anthony J. Crowley/Aziraphale
Sequel to Manchester Lost. Humanity has declared war, and now Heaven and Hell’s best and brightest must band together to – oh dear. Now with 25% more Horseperson and 75% more Archangel!

Redemption by Kipli on FanFiction.Net
NC-17/M; [Marvel’s The Avengers 2012] TONY/LOKI
Set just after the film. Loki is banished from Asgard and stripped of his powers as punishment for his actions against Midgard. However even if Stark accepts being Loki’s steward, can he manage to keep him safe from the Chitauri?

Spontaneity by Viridian5 on The Green Room version 3.0
NC-17; [Weiß Kreuz] Crawford/Schuldig, Nagi/Schuldig, Crawford/Nagi/Schuldig
When Schuldig and Crawford surprise Nagi by coming back to Japan, Nagi ends up surprising himself.

Surrender by Paimpont on FanFiction.Net
M; [Harry Potter] HP/LV (TR)
Harry writes a letter of surrender to Voldemort. The Dark Lord is intrigued.

The Descent of magic by Lomonaaeren on FanFiction.Net
T; [Harry Potter] Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Harry is a retired Auror and magical theorist studying pure-blood families’ problems with having children. When he discovers the reason, he’s reluctant to publicize it. But a budding acquaintance with Draco Malfoy may make it hard to hide. COMPLETE.

The Right Thing to Say by SilentProtagonist000 on FanFiction.Net
T; [Pokémon] Originalshipping, Red/Male!Green.
Gameverse. Red has always wanted one thing from Green, and after five months on Mount Silver, he wants it now. But Green isn’t going to give it to him without a little punishment first.

Trick of the Light by FoolMachina on FanFiction.Net
T; [Avengers] FrostIron.
He wasn’t mad. This was happening, and he wasn’t entirely sure how to feel about that.

Warring Minds by Dimes Wish on FanFiction.Net
M; [Gundam Wing] a long 1x2 get together fic
Duo has a little problem. Scratch that, a big problem. A gift, of sorts. One that is not conducive to being a Gundam pilot, keeping a low profile, having a life or enabling any sort of normal relationship. AU, begins during the war.


Marvel’s The Avengers (2012)
[Action] Marvel Movies
Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. brings together a team of super humans to form The Avengers to help save the Earth from Loki and his army.

Original Fiction

A Year Full of Days by seventhswan on FictionPress
M; [Romance] M/M Slash, Sequel-ish to Side Effects
Being cautious is one of the only things Nate is well and truly good at, but the new guy at work calling him ‘sweetheart’ makes him want to do something stupid.

Cosmos by PinkHart on FictionPress
T; [Romance] M M
The planets of the solar system are all 17 year old boys who just want to live and love the way they want to. Main story: Moon loves Earth, but Sun threatens to end that relationship even before it starts.

Freckles and Pigtails by Wanda Walker on FictionPress
M; [Romance]
Both Jake Kirkwell and Paula Falkowski are social outcasts. Jake longs for the days he didn’t have to worry about money and his next meal. Paula has always enjoyed cars, heavy metal, action movies, and getting dirty, but she still struggles with the rumors about her: dyke, lesbo, he-she—especially when none of them are true. Becoming friends is easy, but denying the mutual attraction between them isn’t. And even if they don’t deny it, society never lets them forget that there’s no place in this world for a gentle-hearted guy and his tomboy crush.

GAMBIT by xPrettyXxRadx on FictionPress
M; [Young Adult] Slash.
It wasn’t until I met one of mom’s coworkers that I gave much thought to mind-control. But now that I know about the Project and the part mom played in it before she died, I have no choice. Especially not with this computer chip in my brain or my suppressed memories.

How To Write Slash Like A Kid by Jumping Jack Flash on FictionPress
K+; [Essay]
Tired of struggling for literary integrity? Relax! Here’s all you need to know about writing slash fic! Oh my god, I am going to get so, so flamed. *grin*

I 90 West by goudacheese on FictionPress
T; [General] M/M Slash etc
Ivan has no love for adventure, nor does he have any sort of desire to see and/or experience the world around him. In point of fact, overly long trips of any sort kind of make him want to die, so there is obviously no reason for him to force his best friend on a journey across America with him. Obviously.

Penny Candy by Jaydee Faire on FictionPress
M; [Romance] homosexual intercourse, graphic scenes
In a down and dirty city where a good time is just a few dollars away, a dancer who’s looking for life and a whore who’s already given it up come to an arrangement with only one rule: No Love Allowed.

Pet by Jaydee Faire on FictionPress
M; [Romance] graphic sexual content, homosexuality, drug use, non-con, etc.
Above Garren’s apothecary shop is a boy bound to a bed, stripped of everything including his name.

Quinntessential by the milk bottle on FictionPress
T; [Romance] SLASH
Elliot’s pretty sure his temperamental flat mate, Quinn, has a problem with him. But since he likes to call himself a pacifist, he’d rather watch MythBusters than find out why.

Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle by DeliriousEphemera on FictionPress
T; [Supernatural] slash, snarky
Matheus didn’t ask for this. He just wanted a normal, boring life. One bad night, and now he was drinking blood, running for his life, questioning his sexual orientation and generally being a whiny b*tch. Well, that last part wasn’t new.

Rhapsody in E Major by Road to Anywhere on FictionPress
T; [Romance] Slash
Hi! Ethan Jacobs here! I’m a totally average high school junior. Okay…maybe not. I’m valedictorian, a complete band nerd, a spazz, and I drive a tiny lime green car. My best friends are gay, but I’m totally not. Hey…the new boy is pretty cute…

The Duke’s Prisoner by Wanda Walker on FictionPress
M; [Fantasy] SLASH, mature situations (sexual or otherwise)
Duke Kasha is known for his wild parties and devotion to the latest fashions. But beneath his seemingly frivolous exterior, he seeks revenge on a brutish enemy officer for an unspeakable crime. Yet is Kasha going down a dark road he can never return from?

The Side Effects of Forgetting by seventhswan on FictionPress
M; [Romance] M/M Slash
Kellan can’t remember how he’s supposed to act, but he thinks it probably doesn’t involve making friends with the lunatic girl-next-door and letting his best friend put his hand down his pants.

The Sudden Visibility of Sound by seventhswan on FictionPress
M; [Romance] M/M slash
A year after an accident that left him blind, Caid finally has a plan for Getting On With His Life. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t leave room for falling in love with his sister’s fiancé, who happens to be his new roommate.


Questionable Content by J. Jacques
The plot centers on Marten, who is your average frustrated 20-something music nerd, his anthropomorphic PC named Pintsize, and Faye, a somewhat mysterious girl who moved in with him after she accidentally burned her apartment building down while trying to make toast. Lately Marten’s friend Steve and Faye’s boss Dora have come into the story a little more frequently, ensuring that things will stay nice and complicated.